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Cleaning products are an important part of our springcleantips website. No matter which cleaning task you are attempting there is no doubt that using the right product will speed up the task and enhance the results.

I have put together information concerning these in the following categories :-

  • (1) Window cleaning

  • We take a look at what's available for both the internal and external windows.How good are the self cleaning glass treatments that are available? If you intend to clean your own windows, what are the best window cleaning tools to choose?
    Read more about window cleaning ....

  • (2) Carpet cleaning

  • What is available for carpet cleaning ? What about stain removal kits? Is it worth having stain retardment treatments applied to your carpets?
    Read more about carpet cleaning ....

  • (3) Gutter cleaning

  • We take a look at what's available to help to clean gutters safely and effectively,as well as,help them to stay clean.If you can prevent gutters from becoming blocked in the first place, it will save you from having to clean them out.
    Read more about gutter cleaning ....

  • (4) Conservatory roof cleaning

  • Poles, brushes,hoses and anything that helps to keep these rooves clean. Read more about conservatory roof cleaning ....

  • (5) Brick cleaning

  • There are some amazing new technologies that are changing the way we can clean brick and stone products. Read more about brick cleaning ....

  • (6) UPVC cleaning

  • UPVC is used in many situations, and in the U.K. it has been advertised as " maintenance free" giving householders the impression that they can "fit it and forget it". The truth is that UPVC surfaces do need cleaning, sometimes a wipe with a damp cloth is sufficient, other times some form of chemical help is needed.
    Read more about UPVC cleaning ....

  • (7) Floor cleaning

  • So many different floor surfaces that need cleaning, and so many different materials to help.
    Read more about floor cleaning ....

  • (8) Kitchen cleaning

  • Ovens, microwaves, fridges and freezers all need cleaning, causing different challenges, needing different cleaning solutions. Read more about kitchen cleaning ....

  • (9) Bathroom cleaning

  • Some special challenges in the area of cleaning in the smallest room in the house. Read more about bathroom cleaning ....

  • (10) Car cleaning

  • Vast area to investigate, so many new inovations out there, to bring your pride and joy back to showroom condition. Read more about car cleaning products ....

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