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These pictures demonstrate just how effective Conservatory roof cleaning can be, especially in removing moss and algae. It is amazing how grubby these conservatory rooves become after a couple of years.

What is the best way of Conservatory roof cleaning?

I have found that using water fed poles with purified water whilst standing on multi-purpose step ladders is the best way to clean a Conservatory roof. If these are not available, then house-holders can use a soft bristle long handled brush and rinse off with a garden hose pipe, this will produce acceptable results.

Can the trellis on the Conservatory roof be cleaned this way?

 Yes it can. The trellis can be the most difficult part of the clean, as the algae builds up on the edges and it can be very fiddly to remove it all. The soft bristles on the brush agitate the algae that has already been softened up by the purified water, they are then rinsed clean. You do have to work carefully as not all trellis are securely fitted and can fall off, at times.

Conservatory roof cleaning without the use of chemicals?

  •  The purified water, that is an integral part of the Conservatory roof cleaning system we use, softens the moss and algae that has built up on the roof. We are then able to reach over cleaning the Conservatory roof with the extendable poles, aided by the use of multi-purpose step-ladders. Tap water does not clean as well as purified water, neither does it rinse off as well, but it will produce acceptable results, especially if you can squeege off the excess water. You would need to use a squeege on an extendable pole to do this.

  •  At the end of the poles there are soft bristled brushes, with which we are able to agitate and loosen the moss and algae, and then this is rinsed off with the stream of pure water that sprays out from between the bristles.

  •  When the Conservatory roof has been cleaned and rinsed off, it is left to dry off, and as the only water left on the panels is pure, they dry off with a spot free finish.

  • If these panels were rinsed off with normal tap water, then the chemicals and calcium in the water would leave a patchy finish.

What about cleaning the gutters on the conservatory roof?

  • We clear out the debris from within the gutters into a bucket prior to Conservatory roof cleaning, and some of our clients have also asked us to wipe the inside of the gutters as they can see them from their upstairs windows.
  • I found a small flexible brush on a wire handle,excellent for cleaning the inside of the gutters, then rinse out with a hose pipe.
  • The external surface of the gutter is cleaned with the water-fed pole after we have finished cleaning the roof.

  • After cleaning the Conservatory roof and the gutters, it is time to clean the rest of the conservatory.
  • Again this is best done with the water fed poles, which enable you to clean all the frames and panels as well as the windows.
  • If there are snail trails all over the windows, these are best removed by using a micro-fibre cloth and then rinsing with water.
  • If you do not have access to pure water, you will need to squeege off the windows, as tap water will stain the glass.

How can you clean windows over the Conservatory roof?

 If you have an extremely large conservatory then it is possible that your windows may be out of reach, but we haven't come across this very often.
  • Using the water fed poles, it is possible to just reach over the conservatory roof and clean the windows the same way as other windows.
  • If you have reversible windows then cleaning them is straight forward, if not, then a short extendable pole can help you to reach across from an opening window. Clean with strip washer and then squeege off.
  • There are also magnetic double sided window cleaning tools available, which can be used for windows that can not be reached any other way.

What about my skylights?

  • Yes, we have even cleaned skylights on 3 storey houses and apartment blocks,with the water fed poles. But poles this long are expensive.
  • If the sky lights are reversible then cleaning them from the inside from step ladders is your only option.

How to clean the inside of a conservatory roof.

Well there are 2 ways that I know of, either using a set of stepladders to reach up, or using an extendable pole.
  • Stepladders

    • Obviously, you are going to need a set of stepladders that are long enough for you to be able to reach the highest point of the internal conservatory roof.
    • Then, if the floor is liable to be slippy, I would suggest having someone to hold the steps, whilst you reach up and clean the roof panels.
    • If you are going to use a strip washer and a squeege,to clean the inside of your Conservatory roof, then I would suggest putting an old sheet down to cover the floor and protect it from the drips of dirty water.
    • A better option, nowadays, is to use a micro-fibre cloth pad on a short extendable pole. Squirt either pure water or window cleaner spray onto the Conservatory roof panels and then using the pad, rub away until the panel is clean.
  • Extendable pole

    • Again you have a choice between using the strip washer and squeege or a micro-fibre cloth pad.
    • Using an extendable pole is much safer than reaching off a stepladder, but you will find it quite hard work, as reaching above your head will work your muscles in a way that tires them quite quickly.
    • You will need to exert quite some pressure on the pole to be able to get the Conservatory roof panels clean.
    • You will need to squirt the water or spray onto the pad, and if there are a lot of fly marks on the roof panels, you might need to squirt quite a lot on the pad to be able to shift the marks.

    Conservatory roof cleaning with a pressure washer?

    Well I only ever used a pressure washer the once to clean a Conservatory roof, and I found that it was not able to remove all of the grime. I have heard of some Conservatory rooves leaking when being cleaned with pressure washers, so I would not recommend using them.I found that most of the rooves needed a brush to loosen the grime.

    How often will I need my Conservatory roof cleaning?

    Well, I found that once every 12 months was normally sufficient. But if you have some trees overhanging, it might be that your Conservatory roof would need cleaning every 6 months. 

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