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There is such a wide variety of carpet cleaning machine reviews are necessary these days. They range from small carpet stain removal machines up to the truck mounted machines used for huge commercial contracts.It is difficult to judge which are the best carpet cleaning machines as there are so many different types of carpet cleaning.

To compare carpet cleaning machine reviews have been arranged in the following categories, that is :-

  • Commercial carpet cleaning machines

  • This review includes carpet cleaning machines used by professional carpet cleaners, as well as, industrial carpet cleaning machines that are used daily by employed staff, and residential carpet cleaning machines.

  • Carpet cleaning rental machine

  • What to look for in a rental machine and the extra carpet cleaning equipment to ask for that will help you to produce professional results.

  • Hoover carpet cleaning machines

  • These are machines manufactured specifically by Hoover and normally for the domestic market and to be used by the householder.

  • Professional carpet cleaning machines

  • These are machines used by carpet cleaning professionals, to clean both Carpets and Upholstery in Residential and Commercial buildings.They need to be powerful enough to produce top quality results in quick time and also hard wearing enough to last busy professionals.

  • Home carpet cleaning machines

  • These are machines that can be used by home owners for cleaning their own carpets.There are growing numbers of people that are now buying their own small carpet cleaning machine to clean their own carpets.

  • Best carpet cleaning machines

  • My choice of the best 5 carpet cleaning machines.This is for the main 5 categories of Carpet cleaning and so the top machine in each category.

  • Dry carpet cleaning machines

  • Most of these machines are used by carpet cleaning professionals, but there is at least one system that is available to rent. I have seen the Dry Carpet cleaning compound being sold through some of our Daily Newspapers, so this system is certainly catching on.

  • Carpet steam cleaning machines

  • These are the machines that use steam rather than hot water, and are just for small scale use in the home.

  • Carpet cleaning equipment truckmount

  • Now we are talking about the top of the range machines with amazing performance and results. Many of these will be commercial carpet cleaning machines, because of the size of these machines they will be fitted in a carpet cleaning van. These are the type of machines needed for fire and flood restoration and other types of water damage.

  • Portable carpet cleaning machines

  • By portable I mean that you can transport them in your car, pick them up in one hand, easily carry them up your stairs.Whilst this will include rental machines, there are now many machines for sale through catalogues that are more than just being vacuum cleaners.

  • Carpet cleaning equipment used

  • If you are looking for second hand equipment, what you need to check for and where to look for bargains.

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