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Carpet cleaning equipment truckmount 

We have now reached the ultimate in the carpet cleaning industry when considering Carpet cleaning machines truckmount.

So what are these carpet cleaning machines truckmount?

These are independantly powered carpet cleaning machines that are mounted in small to large commercial vehicles, that stay in the vehicle and use long hoses to reach into the buildings to clean the carpets.

These machines can be powered by Petrol, Diesel, L.P.G. engines and there are also some electric powered ones. There are some great advantages to using these carpet cleaning machines truckmount to clean carpets:-

  • Powerful suction
  • Higher temperature
  • Higher pressure
  • Quieter cleaning
  • Soiled water removed
  • Carpets dry quicker
  • Double operatives

truckmount carpet cleaner

Powerful Suction

  • These truckmounted carpet cleaning machines can produce terrific suction, much stronger than most elctric powered portable carpet cleaning machines.
  • This strong suction is needed because of the length of hoses needed to reach into the buildings.
  • The suction enables more of the carpet cleaning solution to be extracted from the carpets, meaning the carpets can be cleaned more thouroughly and left drier.

Higher temperature

  • As these carpet cleaning machines truckmount are powered by engines, they can produce high temperature water quickly and consistently.
  • Higher temperature carpet cleaning solution can clean more thouroughly than it's lower temperature competitor.
  • Higher temperature cleaning enables speedier drying times.

Higher pressure

  • There some carpet cleaning wands that make use of this higher pressure to actually blast the dirt off the carpet fibres. The jet direction is across the carpet fibres rather than down into them.
  • There are some carpet cleaning attachments that are designed to spin around within a circular casing.
  • These have a number of spray heads and vacuum heads so that a great deal of carpet cleaning solution is sprayed at high pressure on to the carpet but vacuumed off immediately.
  • Some of these spinners are now used for pressure washing of drives or for cleaning of tile flooring.

Quieter cleaning

  • Normal carpet cleaning machines are brought into the building and so the noise produced in creating the vacuum and pressure is also in the building.
  • Truckmounted carpet cleaning machines create the noise outside the building and so the only noise within the building is the sound of the suction as the carpet cleaning solution is extracted from the carpet fibres.

Soiled water removed

  • One of the major problems with normal hot water extraction machines is the transportation of water to and from the machine.
  • These machines need filling with hot water
  • When full the soiled water needs to be emptied from the machine.
  • In the U.K. this soiled water has to be poured down the toilet so it enters into the foul drain.
  • It is not supposed to be emptied outside into the normal rain water drains.
  • Truckmounted carpet cleaning machines have there own water tanks for both clean and soiled water.
  • This is a great benefit as more of the moisture is removed from the atmosphere of the building, which enables quicker drying times.
  • Also means no need for strong carpet cleaning chemicals to come into the building and within reach of children or pets.

Carpets dry quicker

  • As already mentioned there are a number of reasons why using this system enables quicker drying times.
  • Higher suction removes more moisture from the carpet fibre.
  • Higher temperatures aid evapouration.
  • Atmosphere able to hold more moisture due to soiled water being removed into machine tanks.
  • Carpet cleaning attachments used with this system clean more efficiently and thouroughly.

Double operatives

  • The larger versions of these machines enable two operatives to work at the same time.
  • This means two rooms can be cleaned at the same time, reducing the overall cleaning time.

Commercial carpet cleaning

These carpet cleaning machines truckmount are excellent for cleaning the vast areas of carpet found in many office environments. When the larger machines are used with two operatives it is amazing how quickly even these huge areas can be cleaned. The results can be dramatic on these high traffic carpets.

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