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Carpet cleaning rental machine


What to look for in a Carpet cleaning rental machine and the extra carpet cleaning equipment to ask for that will help you to produce professional results.

 So you are thinking of cleaning your own carpets and are contemplating using a carpet cleaning rental machine. What are the questions you should be asking yourself, to decide the right kind of carpet cleaning machine to choose?

  • How much carpeting do you need to clean?
  • How much time have you available?
  • What experience do you have?
  • How quickly do you need the carpets to dry?
  • What size machine can you fit in your vehicle?


So lets take a look at these questions.

How much carpeting do you need to clean?

  • Houses vary greatly in the size of their rooms, some houses have small rooms that are cluttered with furniture and other houses can have vast expanses of carpet with little furniture.
  • In a small house with small rooms you will find that a small machine will be much easier to use, but if you have large expanses of carpet to clean, you would need to be filling and emptying a small machine far too often.
  • I found that in some small rooms it was quicker for me to use a hand tool and get down on my knees, rather than try and use a carpet wand and keep banging up against the walls.
  • If you are facing a large expanse of carpet, then a carpet cleaning machine that has some form of mechanical agitation would be a great help.
  • There tend to be 2 types of mechanical agitation -
    • The first one is a rotating brush, similar to that found on upright vacuum cleaners. An example of this can be the new Vax upright Carpet cleaning machines that can be bought in Catalogues.
    • Some larger machines can have contra- rotating brushes (that is 2 brushes rotating in opposite directions)
    • The second one is a brush that moves backwards and forwards, very quickly. The Rug Doctor machines work this way.


How much time do you have available?

  • If you only rent a small carpet cleaning machine, you will get the job done, but it could take you quite some time to finish.
  • So if you do not have a lot of time, it would be better to rent a larger machine that you will be able to work faster with.
  • If you are able to remove your furniture from the rooms that you will be cleaning, you will find that you can work much quicker. So removing this furniture before you rent your machine will save you time.

What experience do you have?

  • If you have never used a carpet cleaning machine before, it will obviously take you longer than someone who has some experience.
  • It would be well worth your while to ask for a demonstration of how to operate the machine, when you rent it.
  • If you would like a full description of how to clean a carpet using a Hot water extraction machine, then check out our Hot water extraction page.

How quickly do you need the carpets dry?

  • If you are not going to be in the house for 24 hours you can just let the carpets dry by themselves, with a little help from your heating system.
  • But if you need to use the house as quickly as possible, then it would be best to ensure the carpets are as dry as possible after cleaning.
  • To do this you would need to spend more time on the extraction part of the carpet cleaning method.
  • Ask when you collect your carpet cleaning rental machine whether they have any air movers that you could use to speed up the drying of your carpets.
  • Used correctly these air movers, blow over the carpet and greatly speed up the drying process.
  • Turn your heating up and open as many windows as possible, to allow the moisture to escape from the building.


What size machine will fit in your vehicle?

  • If you only have a small vehicle, but need one of the larger machines, then ask at the carpet cleaning rental machine company whether they are willing to deliver the machine to your premises?
  • It would be wise to make certain that they also deliver sufficient carpet cleaning solution and any other equipment, at the same time.

Dry carpet cleaning rental machines

  • These machines brush dry carpet cleaning compound through the carpet fibres.
  • This compound is then left for around half an hour for it to dry off and then is vacuumed out of the carpeting.
  • As this system requires little experience to produce excellent results, it is well suited to the rental market.
  • But it does not seem to be readily available throughout the U.K. I don't know whether that is the case in other countries.
  • The main manufacturer that I know of is the Host brand produced by Racine Industries.

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