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Commercial Carpet cleaning machines  


In reviewing Commercial carpet cleaning machines, we need to look at the different methods of carpet cleaning and the machines involved with these areas and the various manufacturers of these machines.


Hot Water Extraction

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There are a number of areas within this method of carpet cleaning for us to look at:-


CFR machines

Through continuous filtration recycling technology these machines can save considerable amounts of time, water and chemicals and therefore money.

Examples of these machines are :-


CFR  Echo Pro 500 perfect heat

CFR Paramount

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Power tools 

These are aids to the carpet cleaning process including power brushes, power wands and various spinning vacuum heads that are used to speed up the cleaning.

Ride on machines / Pedestrian

These are larger cleaning machines that are used for the cleaning of large expanses of carpeting or hard flooring. These machines are normally battery driven and so need frequent re-charging of the batteries.

Spotting and upholstery machines

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These are small, portable Hot Water Extraction machines that make small scale cleaning practical. Excellent for aiding spot and stain removal.

Turbo Driers 

Also known as air movers, air driers and down draught driers. These are vital to enable the quick drying of carpets and upholstery. They are also used in flood restoration to aid in the drying process.

The principle is that the air can only hold so much moisture until it begins to condense, so for more moisture to come out of the carpets or upholstery, the air that is full of moisture needs to be changed for air that is still able to receive moisture.


Low Moisture carpet cleaning. 

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 The basic process of this type of carpet cleaning is the brushing through the carpet fibres of small sponges or husks that contain amounts of cleaning solution. The soil is wiped of and adsorbed from the fibres and contained on the sponges or husks.

 Once these have dried out they are vacuumed up and the carpet raked to finish off.

The most well known manufacturers of the cleaning compound and the equipment are listed below :-


Brush and Clean 





Rotary Machines

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Whilst most rotary machines are used for the cleaning of hard floors, some are used for carpet cleaning and the most well known manufacturers are listed below :-

  • Numatic 
  • Victor 
  • Cimex 


Scrubber Driers

Again most scrubber driers are used for cleaning hard floors, but there are some that are used for carpet cleaning,  and the best known manufacturers are listed below :-

  • Tennant
  • Numatic
  • Karcher          
  • Nilfisk 


Vacuum Cleaning 

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 Commercial Vacuum Cleaners face a different challenge to their domestic cousins, mainly low profile carpets or hard floors.Commercial buildings with large expanses  of carpet and long corridors mean, therefore Vacuum cleaners needing a longer flex and the ability to work for long periods without overheating.

 A wider cleaning sweep cuts down the number of passes. The best known manufacturers are listed below :-


  • Sebo BS36 upright
  • Dyson
  • Sanitaire
  • Electrolux
  • Oreck
  • Hooher




 Walk behind washers

These machines tend to be used for the cleaning of hard floors and some well known makes are listed below :-

  • Daimler xpc-12000
  • Cleanfix TW 383
  • Prochem Fivestar
  • Karcher Prex 100 / 200


Commercial carpet cleaning machine suppliers


Some of the Commercial carpet cleaning machine suppliers that I am aware of in the UK :-


·    www.thebigclean.co.uk 






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