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Computer Keyboard cleaning tips

 Computer keyboard cleaning is important because the keyboard can be one of the most unhygenic surfaces that we will come across during our waking hours. Learning how to clean and sanitise the keyboard can help to protect from the many viruses that are about, at this time.

When considering how to clean computer keyboards, there are 2 areas to be aware of :-

  • Cleaning safely

    • As the keyboard is an electrical component it is important to make sure that liquids do not enter the workings.

    • Compressed air cans are useful for blowing dust, fluff and any trapped particles from between the keys.

    • Battery powered hand held vacuum cleaners are useful for vacuuming dust, fluff and trapped particles from between the keys.

    • Slightly dampened non-static cloths can be used to wipe around the keys

  • Cleaning to sanitise

    • It isn't enough to just clean the keyboard, it needs to be sanitised.

    • Rubbing alcohol can be used, or any number of branded cleaners

    • Sanitising gels are available to press between the keys and clean and sanitise in one go

    • Time spent in the sanitising process will help to prevent the spread of many of the viruses that seem so prevalent today.

    • These are not computer viruses but viruses spread by computers

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