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Computer Case cleaning tips

 Computer case cleaning is fairly straight-forward on the ouside, but can be a bit more tricky to clean the internal components of the computer case thouroughly and safely.

I have split the computer cleaning process into 2 sections :-

  • External computer case cleaning

    • The main challenge with the external computer case is how to remove the dust and fluff without any liquids entering the case and reaching the motherboard and other internal components.

    • In most cases using a slightly damp cloth and a bit of elbow grease will remove the dust and fluff.

    • If their are any stains on the external surfaces, then a cream cleanser is good for stain removal, as long, as you only use a small amount.

    • Rubbing alcohol or even vinegar can be used to remove most stains.

    • If you find that it is difficult to remove dust from the nooks and crannies of all the drive ports then if you can lay your hands on some compressed air canisters, you will find that short busts normally remove the stubborn dust particles.

  • Internal computer case cleaning

    • To begin the cleaning process, disconnect the computer equipment from the electric supply and leave for a while before unscrewing any power plugs and peripheral connections.

    • Before starting work on the computer it is best to make use of a static wrist-band to connect yourself to the computer case to prevent the build up and transfer of static electricity, which could damage the components.

    • If you have a number of electrical leads linked to the back of your computer, it could be a good idea to mark these leads with different colours so you will be able to replace them in the correct peripheral ports.

    • Once all the leads have been removed, it is time to unscrew the back of the computer case.

    • The easiest way of cleaning out the internal components of computer cases, is to vacuum the dust and fluff away.

    • The problem can be that normal cylinder vacuum cleaners and upright vacuum cleaners can create static electricity, and these vacuum cleaners can be a major problem to electrical components.

    • The best vacuum cleaner to use for this task is one of the battery powered hand held vacuum cleaners as these hand held vacuum cleaners are much safer to use around electrical components.

    • If you do not have one of these battery powered hand held vacuum cleaners then you will need a small brush, such as, a small paint brush, to gently brush the dust and fluff away from the internal computer components.

    • Another alternative is using a non-static cloth to clean between the components.

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