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Window cleaning products

We take a look at what's available for both the internal and external windows. How good are the self cleaning glass treatments that are available? If you intend to clean your own windows, what are the best window cleaning tools to choose?


Window cleaning squeeges

window cleaning squeege  

  • This can be made from metal or plastic,it consists of a rubber blade contained in a channel and held in a handle and is used for removing dirty water from the window.

 The modern single-bladed window cleaning squeege was patented by Ettore Steccone in 1936; it was made of light-weight brass with a very flexible and sharp rubber blade.  The Ettore Products Co. is still the leader in the window cleaning squeege market today. Adding a Squeege to a telescopic pole to extend the washer's reach enables window cleaners to clean high windows without the need of using ladders.

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Window cleaning applicators / scrubbers / washers

window cleaning applicator When I first started to use a squeege to clean windows, I used a sponge to wet the windows, but this meant that my hands were always wet, and so I had skin problems. I was overjoyed to find there was an answer to my problem!

 The window cleaning scrubber is basically a handle that holds the method of applying the cleaning solution to the glass. Which seperates the cleaners hand from the liquid.

Window Cleaning Strip Washer / "T" Bar / Applicator

  • This is a "T" bar shaped piece of equipment covered by an abrasive sleeve.There are different sizes and varying levels of abrasiveness.It is used for applying the water to the glass and for agitating any dirt free from the glass and is also called an applicator.

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Window cleaning chamois leathers

 When people think of window cleaners the window cleaning shammy leather is the stereo-typical picture that many see. The idea of the window cleaner riding a bicycle with an "A" ladder over his shoulder and a tin bucket with his shammy leather and scrim cloths is ingrained in many peoples minds. Read more ...

Window cleaning scrim cloth

 Scrim cloth has been the preffered cleaning cloth for the proffessional window cleaner for many years. A well broken in scrim cloth was essential for cleaning windows quickly and effectively. It is important to know how to break in and maintain scrim cloth for it to be of use. Read more ...


Window cleaning micro-fibre cloths

micro-fibre cloth
 Micro-fibre cloths are begining to take the place of the more traditional scrim cloth. The great advantage of micro-fibre cloths is that they are ready for use, they do not need hours of preperation to enable you to use them.

 There are many different types and sizes of micro-fibre cloth, all for slightly different purposes. But all of these cloths have the advantage of being very long lasting and extremely effective at cleaning glass.







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Window cleaning micro-fibre pad systems



 This method of window cleaning is gaining popularity, especially for internal window cleaning. The micro-fibre cloth is connected to a pad, normally by velcro fasteners.

 As the pad is connected to a telescopic handle it means that reaching high windows is much easier. It also makes reaching over desks or sinks much easier.

 Can be used with window cleaning solvents or purified water, sprayed either directly on to the glass or on to the pad.





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Window cleaning extension poles

 Extension poles have been around for many years and have enabled the cleaning of windows without the need for ladders. This has been the preffered method for many window cleaners that focus on the cleaning of shop windows.

 This has also been the method used for the cleaning of high internal windows, were the use of ladders could be difficult or dangerous. Read more ...

Window cleaning chemicals

 There are many different chemicals available to aid in the cleaning of windows.There are products for helping squeege blades to slip over the glass, as well as, products for removing hard water or mineral deposits from glass.

 There are also products to cause glass to become self-cleaning.  Read more ...


Window cleaning ladders

 Whilst it would appear that any ladders could be used for window cleaning, there are certainly aspects of ladder design that lend themselves to the specific requirements of window cleaners.

 Things such as :- 

flat angled rungs that are easier on the feet

aluminium construction that is strong, flexible and light for easy handling

non-slip feet

splayed feet for greater grip

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Window cleaning workwear

 There are specific requirements by window cleaners in the area of footwear, trousers or shorts, t shirts and tops and for the different seasons of the year. Clothing for wet weather, or hot weather or cold weather all of these situations require different types of workwear. Read more ...

Window cleaning water fed poles

water fed pole window cleaning

 This is the area of the window cleaning industry that is pressing forward in to areas of new technology, so there are many new products and suppliers becoming available.

There are Aluminium, fibre-glass, carbon-fibre, composite, telescopic and modular poles available nowadays.

 There are many different types of brush heads, goose necks, and water jets available for specific purposes.

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Window cleaning water purification equipment

 The main stay of the water fed pole window cleaning system is the availability of sufficient purified water to be able to rinse the windows with.

 These systems come as either base units, van based units or trolley systems, all capable of producing purified water in sufficient amounts to enable the quick and effective cleaning of external windows.

 There are different methods of purifying the water depending on the amount of water needed and the quality of the water in different regions. Read more ...


Window cleaning glass treatments


There are a number of glass treatments on the market, some applied during manufacture in the factory and others that are applied after the windows have been fitted. Some of these treatments can be applied by window cleaners, but all of these treatments effect window cleaners in one way or another. Read more ...


Window cleaning software

There are a growing number of software packages available that are useful for window cleaners. The most useful ones are integrated to provide accounting, round tracking and marketing functions. We will take a look at the different packages and their pros and cons. Read more ...


Window cleaning insurance


Window cleaning training

 There are growing numbers of organisations providing training that is suitable for the window cleaning industry. These include practical hands-on training for newbies, to health and safety training and special skills training.

 There is business start up training, marketing and man management training and book keeping training.

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Window cleaning trade bodies

 There are a number of trade associations that are available to represent the interests of the window cleaning industry.

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